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Who is Dr Pano Churchill?

My Story

My Story

The Legacy of Winston Churchill


I’ve come to realize very much like my Grandfather Winston Churchill, that today our Power not only has grown to have massive effects upon Humanity, but it has grown to have massive effects upon the very planet we inhabit.


Aside from the Lincoln party leadership, Dr Churchill is working hard, as the CEO of American Angels, a Tech StartUp Hub of Innovation and Early Stage Startup Exchange that leads the World towards the founding and funding of the Great New Tech & Science ideas, and thus creating the jobs of the future in America and beyond.

Dr Churchill, was the first Internet Auction pioneer, the innovator of Wi-Fi technology, Inventor of Life Saving Medicine of WellHeart Inc, the Innovator of the Life Science & BioTech Angel Investor group, the Energy & Green Bonds Innovator, and the definitive Mobile & Wi-Fi Telecommunications Entrepreneur.

Dr Churchill spends his time publicly speaking, working, and traveling; and can be found in airplanes and airports, between Seattle, San Jose, Washington DC, New York, London, San Francisco, Shanghai, Beijing, and other dark, big, & hard working cities…

He can also be found on a motorcycle riding across our great country’s backroads and  byways. From Eastern Washington, to Montana and Yellowstone, and from Santa Fe, and the Grand Canyon state, to the Sun State, and the islands in the sky. And from Taos, to the Spaceport in New Mexico.

Dr Churchill is the President of the Lincoln Party, the only truly Centrist and unaligned Political party of the United States of America.

The Lincoln Party
At the Lincoln party very much like the transformational President Abraham Lincoln — we believe in the fruits of educating voters for Liberty & Democracy, and in always advocating nan-aligned voting for issues, for persons, and for Transformational Leadership that solves problems for the People of this Great country — but not voting for party lines, and dogmatic politicians. We believe in Term Limits for all representatives of the people, and in transforming and simplifying our Government to free us from unnecessary regulation and from oppressive taxation.

The Lincoln party like it’s namesake seeks to unite and not divide. We seek to elevate everyone here and across the world. We aim at humanity’s enrichment through education and anti-slavery efforts to liberate our trafficked children and women form the usurious bondage of today’s slavery.

At the Lincoln Party, we are always standing for Liberty, Democracy, Free Will and the Pursuit of Happiness, those principles that are our God given RIGHTS, and guaranteed by the Constitution of these United States. This is our country and we aim to keep it as a Constitutional Republic through the awesome offering of our blood, toil, and our tears…

We very much care for the ecosystems of this great land, but we do not forget the World outside our borders that is the earth we care for, as good stewards of our environment and the planet, for all the future generations that are yet to come.

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