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MLK’s proof…

He was a lifelong depressive, having first attempted suicide before he was even a ten year old. Although he graduated with a Doctorate before 30, he didn’t get …

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Shabbat Manna…

Dear Friends, During this time of constant crisis — we are all in for a wild ride that surely tries the hearts of men. And because this time …

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Sage advise

The young monk came up to an unknown wanderer and asked this of the old wandering monk: “I am searching for Enlightenment.” The Sage responded: “You are immersed …

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Make Love

Every second someone leaves this world behind and moves on to the nether regions of the Elysian fields… And indeed, we are all in participating in the same …

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Fear is a tool, but only if you use it as a teacher

Fear is an unavoidable aspect of our human experience. It also is one of our greatest evolutionary allies. Yet fear also causes most people to flee, freeze or …

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Climate Deal

The COP 26 went out like a wet squib because as the climate deal aimed at staving off dangerous climate change has been struck at the COP26 summit …

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Media Bias

My friend George Monbiot writes about the “noise V signal” that blocks the understanding of the gravity of the Climate & Environmental Crisis d the need for immediate …

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