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Dreams of a common home

This American story of ours is an often told tale of rebirth.

Yet this one generation of ours, is far more enlightened than any other from our common past.

So it must be writ large with a positive over-arching vision for humanity, for our nation and for our history — or we will never get beyond the primitive, exclusionary, and fear-based stages of our earlier national development.

To that end we ought to carefully calibrate our wishes for a future free of the misery of hate, division and racism, because we are so much more than that awful past could ever define us…

This is my undying wish as it is the dream of all those righteous people that came before me to put their shoulder in the wheel of progress and unity, and of all those who are here now and those as yet unborn — because all of us together, we are building a national home with honor and dignity for all.

Indeed I want to build this home to place all of us under the roof of a loving nation…

Are you with me?

Think of that dream now and let us commence the barn-raising.


Dr Churchill


Never mind the seasons of difficulty ahead, for we are a resilient people…

We’ve had hardships before and we came through wiser and even stronger.

So what’s another storm to a good Mariner?

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