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Make Love

Every second someone leaves this world behind and moves on to the nether regions of the Elysian fields…

And indeed, we are all in participating in the same death march as if on queue, without knowing it.

Because we will never know how many people are ahead of us or behind us — we feel that we shall be here for ever…

But as it turns out no matter what we do — we cannot move to the back of the queue…

And we certainly cannot get out of line.

This is the matter: We can’t avoid the queue.

So while we wait in line, let us make the moments of our life count.

Make Love.

Choose your priorities.

Make the time count.

Dont forget to tell the truth to your people and tell everyone you love how much that means to you.

Let your better qualities be known.

Make people feel important.

Make your voice heard.

Make big things out of small things.

Make someone smile.

Make the change.

Make Love.

Make Peace.

Get it together.

Spread random acts of kindness.

Make Love.

Make sure you tell your people you love them.

Make sure you have no regrets.

Make sure you’re ready.

Have a happy life.

Take care of all your “debts” on this world.

Take care of all your people.

Love all and be loved in return.

Close your eyes after having seen the world.


Dr Churchill


Please do not forget to make Love.

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