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Minority opinion

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

I see and hear how people react to the news of the war, the economy, income disparity, Ukraine v Russia, or POTUS v SCOTUS, Covid v Non Covid, vaccinated v unvaccinated, Putin v Zelensky — and wonder what this fuss is all about.

People seem to react to the news and our perceived state of affairs, in ways that would make you think they are truly concerned and their beliefs are heard as a majority. Yet this is not always, as it should be, because the majority is usually placid and complacent to let dogs lie.

Unsurprisingly — most people are not acting upon their beliefs. And this vacuum of action creates a burden upon the few who are dedicated to “save” the nation. No wonder that it always falls upon a small minority to lift the burden for all of us., and to act in our own selfish interests.

Yet these people are unusually altruistic and are acting for us.

All being told — true participation in society requires energy, effort and time. Democracy demands that we participate in ways that may appear to be more effort than many are willing to put in, if they want to protect what they deem important.

That lesson was not lost in previous generations even though they were those who did not feel thus inclined. They fought and shed blood for a better world and in order to save their dreams from ruination. It was not just the American Dream they fought for — but it was the World’s dream for Liberty and Self Determination.

A dream commonly shared by all the people of this earth and not just those who choose to fight for this cause.

Our grandparents and our parents — all saw what the world could be and how they wanted their own lives, fand those of future generations’ lives to be.

And after the Second World War — when the men didn’t came home to their families, to their mothers, and to their wives — a grateful nation send a registered letter with a $10,000 payments from the United States government for those killed in action.

The ones who stayed alive then, enjoyed the benefits of the GI bill, that they earned by fighting to protect Europe and Asia and in order to enlarge the institutions of Freedom and Democracy across the World. On the domestic front, the U.S. government paid forward a debt to society in the hopes of a better life for all Americans, with a robust Middle Class and a thriving Economy that would promote Peace and Understanding in a “Rules based World” that would also enjoy unfettered trade and growth of wealth for this Mercantile Republic and all others that we all call upon America as its friend, worldwide.

This Call to Action has been largely heard and heeded by all of our friends for almost 80 years now…

Thus today we live happily in the shadow of that debt from previous generations.

We live in a world that has lived well for quite a few years and we have gotten fat off the land and enjoyed economic growth that was unseen in recorded history. And that is why today the world lives in relative peace and domestic harmony. Yet all that is threatened to be upended — in a world made up of a Minority of Democratic Republics, whereas the Majority of the World lives under some form of Tyrannical Oppressive Regime and Undemocratic government.

That balance is not sustainable long term because one or the other will prevail. And we see this clearly today as Evil threatens to poach all of our gains and scupper all of our victories as the serpent’s eggs have hatched from the past with a hiatus of 80 years.

You see the war of today in Ukraine as an example of this malaise — but it is truly the mainstream of self serving actions, and the banality of Evil coming from all those who see Evil all around and fail to speak up, that has destroyed and torn asunder the vestments of Peace that have clothed all of us in the warm embrace of safety and security for these past eight decades.

Yet, we all recall that is this banality of Evil that emanates from the ordinary human beings who see Evil being perpetuated and they do nothing to stop it — that has brought us here to where we are.

So my friends, please raise you voice if you agree … and especially if you disagree.

Because that is the price we pay today for our lack of vigilance and our curtailing the selfless actions required to secure this profound experiment we call Democracy and Liberty for the future generations.

We need to step up where baby boomers have dropped the ball to become the people we aspire to be. To lead the lifestyles we desire with friends, family, and a society that benefits from the changes. Sadly, while we enjoyed the economy and relative peace, as well as civil rights gains, we have seen, we have stopped participating in society and it shows. We see examples of how many have gotten used to being selfish in a world created by baby boomers as they chucked their integrity and their desire for positive change — in exchange for enough money to eat fancy food, live in McMansions and drive luxury cars while wearing designer threads.

Most of them and all of their kids are fixated on screens, on chronic, and on self-image, and are far less interested about contributing to society for all.

As we have seen the ruling elite, along with the “Rentier” class, the ultra-wealthy, and the modern hedge fund — investor type of upper class people — have all taken advantage of this apathetic behavior of the Society at large, and have usurped our Republic for their own agenda.

As you’ve seen and felt — the past few years have shown us how a domestic tyrant can get into the White House, and how a pandemic response can fail. And yet with the change of leadership — we went from bad to better with the new administration. But then the war in Europe came upon us from an outside tyrant. And we are now divided again, because it was always these kinds of tyrants that our Fox media emblazoned and ennobled “Know-Nothings” keep on praising.

Yet, if history taught us one thing, it would be this: Many of us live in the shadow of our generational memories of good people giving their utmost and sacrificing their lives — whereas all that we can today do is virtue signaling on their behalf…

We believe we are free individuals living in a Democratic Republic — because of our memories. When in reality, we need to serve our country because that is the minimum one can do in this life. An individual and a nation are made out of the actions of all the people.

Previous generations knew this.

We have had it so good for so long we have forgotten it. Now we as Americans are reminded that the good life can slip away at any time without vigilance and participation.

The political spectrum is made up of lots of nonsense, and as you no doubt have heard — some on the left and some on the right have told us for decades that the West is sliding, that America is dying, and that our best days are behind us.

But you know already that this just propaganda. A poison pill that suits an agenda only promoted from those who want to take us down…

We see today that NATO is alive and well, and this comes after the low blows of Trump against the Alliance.

Still, the way that Trump, the right-wing outcry, animated by “the Fox in the hen house” media, have all tried to promote Russia’s tyrant Mr Putin, as the Strongman to watch — all the while denigrating the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the European Union.

I hope that they all realize that they bear a collective responsibility for nurturing Mr Putin’s ambition to aggressively “blietzkrieg” into Ukraine. And because Mr Putin was told by the House Republicans — in no uncertain words — that they would halt President Biden’s arm, and that NATO was too weak to react to his folly, he reckoned that he would have a parade into Kiev.

Yet as we now see — not only has President Biden and NATO stepped up to the plate, but the EU has acted forcefully as well.

It was this litmus test that showed us that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is in a position to react by being stronger and by growing in stature if not in reach…

This war has also proven that Europe desires closer ties to America and the American economy benefits form that greatly. Keep in mind that we have not seen this since the Clinton administration was in effect.

We see the strongest signs yet that Europe knows it will fail without the American economy, and they rally accordingly. Same as the people of the West-leaning Asia see this “tour-de-force” of the tyrants Mr Putin and Mr Xi and others like Mr Erdogan, and so many more trying to take advantage of the perceived weakness of liberal democracies, and they stir up troubles all across the globe.

Yet, unsurprisingly, this war and the Western Liberal Democracies response, has put Russia, China, and North Korea in an axis bloc where China is the lead. Much bravado and tyrannical planning has gone into this but methinks that this cabal of evil will no doubt flame out, and fall apart in the near future after of course they have decimated half the world with their weapons of mass destruction.

But there is a Big Battle up ahead and we are the ones who will be called upon to fight it. We people of service need not shrink our responsibilities but instead need to keep on doing our best for this fight that is not yet come to our shores, but it will soon arrive in a tidal wave of destruction and terror.

Keep my words here and remember that this war is already global and we need to hurry up and be counted. Alliances need to be built up from scratch again and the ones we already have — need to be strengthened.

We need to serve the Cause of Freedom and the Cause of Democracy.

We need to promote quality of life.

We ought to bring about positive change in the economy, and built a more egalitarian middle class society that serves all of us.

Because we need that of society to serve as the beacon of hope in a Country where the vast majority of the people need to engage again with the idea of Pubic Service.

We must start to participate in our global and national affairs in order to make and keep the life we desire.

Now, I only hope that many of you will share this sentiment and spread the words amongst your friends and family in order to encourage participation, because it does not matter what you do, as long as you contribute, and as long as you use your expertise, your sweat and your toil in a way that benefits others, before we start bleeding in battle, and shedding tears for all the lives lost.

Bring me you selfless gestures and I’ll show you how we win.

Bring your ingenuity in order to make life better for all of us.

Live today and remember this for all of your tomorrows, because after all, our Grandparents’ memories do not define us.

It is our selfless actions that do.

Let’s built our own memories… of the battles yet to come.

And keep in mind the imitable words of volunteers from all the past wars — that even though we have won many a battle; it matters none.

Because we live and get judged as “Winners or Losers” by this battle that is being waged right now in front of our own eyes, and this is where our participation is required.

You know full well that whether Good or Evil, will prevail — is only determined by the next battle and not by the last one.

So, keep on fighting for what is pure and beautiful in this world…

And find a way to serve, and serve with a smile and an accepting heart.


Dr Churchill


“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”


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