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Sage advise

The young monk came up to an unknown wanderer and asked this of the old wandering monk:

“I am searching for Enlightenment.”

The Sage responded:

“You are immersed in Enlightenment right now.”

The young one answered:

“What, this?”

“This is simply air that I’m breathing on my journey for Total Consciousness.”

“What I want is the brilliance of blissful Illumination where miracles abound’’

The Sage simply smiled and said:

“Are not the Sun, the moon and a trillion stars brilliantly illuminating enough for you?”

“Are not the 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions per second happening in the body every moment of time in every body every day miraculous enough for you?”

The young monk looked up into Infinite Sky and took several very deep breaths.

Speechless he simply bowed as this Realization occurred.

Snowflakes swirled and then fell along the path of The Unknown Wanderer…


Dr Churchill


The Sage simply walked the Way…

Screen Shot 2021 11 28 at 11.43.38 PM
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