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Time Travel

We learn (in Leviticus 23:9-21) that from the second day of Passover, we count fifty days, arriving at Shavuot. At Passover, one would make an offering from the barley harvest, and at Shavuot, one would make an offering from the wheat harvest. Having described the procedures at length, the Torah tacks on one extra verse (Lev. 23:22):

“And when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap all the way to edges of your field, or gather the gleanings of your harvest; you shall leave them for the poor and the stranger — I am your God Adonai.”

The Torah — the old book — it seems, is concerned that in our quest for precision and our zest for celebration, we might forget to be generous and inclusive. We might leave someone out. This verse serves as a source for the mitzvah of pe’ah, the corner of the field that we have to leave for those in need. Here we have a practice of deliberate incompleteness. One of the vital habits of a society that values the wholeness of the community, is for those with more means to hold on to less than they could have a claim to. Many of our service projects, such as financially supporting Tiny Homes in Othello, help us practice this habit of giving what we can to those in need, which is another way of saying – you belong. Without you, we are not whole. 

The bible teaches us not just about our relationship to other people, but our relationship to land. We don’t have to fully develop, exploit, extract, or otherwise utilize every inch of this planet that we have access to. Some piece of this Earth must also be reserved for the wild wisdom of the plants and animals that we have become estranged from.

Perhaps the old testament can remind us that our vision of wholeness should be bigger than the self, bigger even than the human community, but take into account how interdependent we are with the intricate systems of nature. The poet Marge Piercy says, “It starts when you say we, and know who you mean … and each day you mean one more.”

And because we are traipsing through an age of mass extinction — our only salvation lies in unity with the integral interests of all other species — so we can be saved only if we can see ourselves as increasingly interconnected with more and more species livign on this Earth alongside of us.

Only then we will begin a profound counting up to Salvation of the Human Race, in order to counteract the ending of the ticking doomsday clock.

Within this Torah portion, “pe’ah” provides a beautiful practice of incompletion, while counting the “omer” does the opposite — seven is the number of completion, based on the seven days of creation, and seven times seven is a particularly complete number.

But then, Shavuot happens on the fiftieth day. A day after completion. A new day, full of new revelations, and a renewed connection to passion and purpose. Blessings for all who are afraid, who are justifiably angry, and who are fighting to protect abortion rights and all other Human Rights on this land.

And my advise is to let’s make each day count, and even when everything seems finished, on the day after, that new day, let us stand together and double down on fighting for a better world.

And although we are in a season of counting forward from 1 to 50 (the days from Passover to Shavuot), I have had the dizzying feeling in the last few weeks of our nation attempting to move backwards in time.

Maybe thats why I feel like I am inside a time traveling machine in the form of a communal time-capsule that propels all of us backwards to a far more primitive time for all…

Am only saying this because it has been almost 50 years since Roe v. Wade established some degree of protection for feminine body anatomy, and self determination for all women.

Yet, the leaked draft from the Supreme Court has revealed a strong possibility that Roe v Wade, will be overturned continues to sicken and infuriate far too many people since it is the hottest political potato of our times.

I also sense and indeed I know that many of you are angry, sad, fearful, and worried that many other rights might be endangered as well… in this retrograde expected action by the Supremes.

At the same time I worry our society is trying to turn back the clock, I also desperately wish I could turn back the clock — and not only stop the stripping of peoples’ rights, but to also stop us from stripping our planet of its rights. Namely, we should stop stripping our Earth from all of its fossil fuels that we burn up with catastrophic consequences.

And maybe we can turn the clock back and reverse all the other ways that we have exploited and used our planet and thus caused a chain reaction that has set all of our Ecosystem, atmospheric & terrestrial — on a course that will be increasingly hostile to human life as well as all LIFE on this Earth.

Speaking metaphorically — we see that the doomsday clock is set at 100 seconds to midnight, largely because of our collective failure to make significant changes to fight climate change. 


Dr Churchill


It is a difficult moment in time for all of us.

This much I get.

And this is one instance that our Torah portion “Emor” of the old book — does not seem to speak to us particularly well.

However, a few chapters in, we find the Gold, when the normal weekly Torah portion contains the instructions for us to observe the very season we are now in.

In our case, the Counting of the “Omer” or the tithe which is what is required of us daily and eternally, because to give is to get, and the more you give — the more you get, to give. 


And in that spirit of giving — I want to gift my latest book to you here, because it deals with prays of making us better from the inside out.


Dear Friend, 
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Thank YOU

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