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These days I am traveling on a global scale, and as I am seeing the world & gain unique perspectives — I’ve had many nostalgic and often painful moments of wishing I was back in the US, not of today but of a near past when we were all joyful as bright and shiny young people hopeful for change we can believe in…

I am indeed grateful that I grew up in Seattle where the future was always bright, and anything was possible, because the nonchalant confidence of growing up American was the wind in my sails. As a person I always knew that I was valuable as a unique voice and that grabbing a microphone on stage and speaking our values was always a good thing.

I knew that striking up a conversation with the cabbie, the cashier and the waiter was what makes life beautiful – because we can trust all others without knowing them.

I knew that if I didn’t know something, I would figure it out soon enough with the help of my friends.

For those of you that have only known our country, the US of A, you might be surprised to know that these instances and experiences are rather rare in many other places on earth.

This week I saw a tweet from Davos about how you should avoid Americans at all cost because they can’t go 5 minutes without bringing up US politics – and sadly, it’s true.

In previous years, the issue was that Americans generally weren’t aware of the global happenings and so everything was about the US, but now it’s different. Most of the interactions I have with Americans now are like speaking with an open wound. The pain is oozing … it cannot be contained. The chill surfer vibe of the West Coast is now a triggered panic state. The brazen confidence of the East Coast is now a hopelessly infected injury. And I no longer recognize my countrymen. They are a walking pain-body.

I will not go into many WHYs … there are so many … but mainly because this gong has been sounded until we’ve all gone mad from the aching resonance. Blame. Shame. Violence. Blame again. Blood. Fighting for. Arguments. Fighting against. Fighting with fists in the air, in the dark, in our sleep…

And with my now detached global perspective, I just have to ask you this:

Pray-tell, when will you stop suffering?

When will you stop fighting?

And perhaps most importantly I ask Why?

Why are we fighting?

Different factions, parties, and political divisions all fighting against the middle…

A house divided cannot long stand.

Energetically it feels like fighting a waterfall to go upstream.

The waterfall is descending at a fevered pitch and the flow becomes more intense the more you fight it.

What about the reality of a downstream life?

How about finding your tribe?

The ones that hold the same vision of the future that you do, and creating it with them?

What about opening your mind to the possibilities of moving homes, moving jobs, taking organizational leadership of your communities?

How about finding an oasis and expanding it until it creates a state and then a nation at peace?

What if you took your eyes and nervous system off of the fight, and put them fully into the creation of what you want?

It’s not escaping reality. Ideological fighting, without creating, can be just as much of an escape.

Our way is making a new reality possible.

That’s all.

We need this calmness right now because literally, the only Americans I know who are calm, collected and positive, are the ones who have a global, often cosmic perspective of how we shape our realities.

They are the ones who know that we are the masters of our life experiences, and that we experience and react to things in our current timeline.


Dr Churchill


Believe it or not, there are many people who can see what’s coming around the bend and are hopeful.

Yet these folks are not the ones shouting at the walls.

They seek peace and harmony, and that is why they are moving their energies elsewhere in the fields of Love, Reconciliation and Communal Happiness.

They’re choosing to create new lives of Unity, Community and healthy Spirituality rather than spending their energies to feed the ghosts of the divided past.

The successful people choose unity instead of division.

And perhaps most importantly — they choose consciousness instead of unconsciousness.

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