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Throughout recorded history people have subjugated, enslaved, and at times even exterminated one another, rep the story of the slaying of Abel by his brother Cain

Sometimes these acts were committed in battle for territorial possessions, for women & children, for resources, for bounty, loot, or for the glory of one faith over another. Other times they were fought in the name of a People, a Tribe, a King or Queen, or any type of Leader coaxing their people to avenge some real or imagined wrong or simply to enlarge their numbers and lands.

Other times war, bloody battle and vast atrocities were committed in the name of a God, Leader of the tribe or a Country seeking to fill a void by expanding its own territories. Since much too often these dastardly acts were committed in the name of God — they were using this subtext as a way to consolidate and expand the power of the very few who benefit from war, simply by their position within the religious orders, or the class hierarchy and their military and political strength.

As it turns out — it always is the case that in war — vast numbers of innocent civilians, women and children as well as elderly non-combatants are killed for no good reason, and the warriors that do the killing in turn suffer psychic wounds so deep that they in turn punish and kill themselves, soon enough.

This primeval story appears in all cultures and faiths of the world as we see here describing Cain and Abel in Islam and Al-Ma’ida as the story appears in the Quran 5:27-31: Prophet, tell them the truth about the story of Adam’s two sons: each of them offered a sacrifice, and it was accepted from one and not the other. One said, ‘I will kill you,’ but the other said, ‘God only accepts the sacrifice of those who are mindful of Him. If you raise your hand to kill me, I will not raise mine to kill you. I fear God, the Lord of all worlds, and I would rather you were burdened with my sins as well as yours and became an inhabitant of the Fire: such is the evildoers’ reward.’ But his soul prompted him to kill his brother: he killed him and became one of the losers. God sent a raven to scratch up the ground and show him how to cover his brother’s corpse and he said, ‘Woe is me! Could I not have been like this raven and covered up my brother’s body?’ He became remorseful.

–The Quran (translated by Muhammad Abdel-Haleem)

And thus the story of Cain is perpetuated throughout history and humanity in an endless cycle of murderous anger, blinding hate, abundant hurt, and collateral death and the oceans of pain following all that endless suffering…

And because an even greater number of people needlessly suffer amongst those whose lives were spared — only to suffer the residual evils of enslavement and tyranny, while their captors and their families and societies gather the bitter winds of hate and suffer the blowback as their families are disintegrated through the aftereffects of the blood lust that is never satiated, the blood spilled on the ground that never dries because the voracious appetite for murder and enslavement of peoples has never been greater than today…

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Yet it is also today, that we recognize all of these acts as being crimes against humanity, and that these crimes continue to be executed across our planet on this very day largely unpunished and often times totally unspoken of, and hidden in silence, or lost in the fog of war.

Furthermore, these crimes are perpetrated in a seemingly never-ending cycle. The powerful oppress the less powerful, who in turn oppress those even less powerful than themselves.

Often we see this dynamic playing even within families, and so these cycles of oppression leave deep psychic wounds, and really painful scars on the victims and victors alike. Deep wounds that embed themselves in our collective psyches and are passed down through generations, all along the way robbing us of our humanity.

It is the Epigenetic cycle of information coming down to us through the RNA helix that brings down the genetic memories from one generation to another throughout all of human history from Adam all the way down to the child to be born from each one of us.

Yet, now that we know all about the RNA role in carrying these primordial memories to us — maybe the time has come to break the cycle, and once again reclaim our humanity.

Breaking this cycle and claiming our humanity will require much work from all of us. Those who have been the victims of years, decades, and centuries of oppression first must heal from injuries received first-hand, as well as those passed down through the ages. Those who have been the perpetrators of these unspeakable crimes, and those who continue to benefit from those crimes, have to honestly confront their deeds and heal from the psychic wounds that come with being the cause and beneficiaries of such great pain and suffering.


Dr Churchill


Whether we currently identify as a victim or a victor — we are all wounded.

If we could see our wounds as the way through, as Jesus did — then they would become sacred wounds, and not something to deny, disguise, or export to others.

I’ve frequently said that if we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it, usually to those closest to us.

The given is that we will have pain!

Spirituality is about transforming both history and individuals so that we don’t just keep handing on this pain to the next generation, consciously or unconsciously. 

And as of now, we also have the newly approved medicine against acute and persistent PTSD that the benevolent company X-PTSD will offer to all civilian victims of war as well as to the veterans and all other associated victims of war, by simply reaching out to treat the most wounded amongst us…

Please feel free to reach out to me because we wish to offer this therapy because it saves all these lives and prevents bot the civilian as well as the veteran and teenage children suicides.

X-PTSD treats this terrible affliction and the extreme and acute depression that now bedevils our families, our communities and our societies as a by product of this multigenerational wounding and traumatizing epigenetic RNA memories.

This warrior culture has also got to be healed. And we can only do this by helping, healing and even saving the wounded warriors from killing themselves.

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